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Solar panel placement options for your Texas property

Installing solar panels on your home’s roof is the most common way to go solar. However, sometimes a roof is not a suitable location. This article discusses the main placement and installation options for solar panels including roof mount, ground mount, tracking station, as well as canopies, awnings, and pergolas.

Solar Panel Roof Mount


Pros: This is the most popular type of installation for homeowners, with options available for shingle, metal, tile, and flat roofs. Roof mounted solar installs can be completed quickly, and don’t involve the extra labor and materials mentioned below. The system is easily connected to your home’s electrical system using conduit laid across the roof or through the attic, and into the breaker box / utility panel.

Cons: The biggest drawback with roof mounted solar is that you’re limited to the existing design of your home’s roof. Pipes, vents and satellite dishes may get in the way, nearby trees may cast shadows, and many mobile homes were not built to support the added weight of solar panels. And while solar panels require very little maintenance, in the event that they need to be cleaned someone will be required to climb up to the roof.

View roof mounts completed by Wells Solar:

Solar Panel Roof Mount in Temple TX

Solar Panel Roof Mount in Austin TX


Solar Panel Ground Mount

Pros: Unlike your home’s roof which cannot be moved and may suffer from shading, a solar ground mount can be installed wherever the sun shines. They can also be positioned at an angle that maximizes year-round solar absorption and energy production, unlike most roofs. Most people who install ground mounts have shading on their roof, or cannot fit enough panels on their roof. Ground mounts are easier to access and thus easier to clean & maintain than climbing up on your roof.

Cons: The main downside to a solar panel ground mount is the extra cost involved in the installation process. All solar power systems must be connected to the local utility grid, through your home’s breaker box or electricity meter. With a ground mount, this is accomplished by trenching or cutting into the ground and burying electrical wires. Depending on how far away the ground mount is located from a utility connection, the extra labor and material costs can add a substantial amount of extra cost to the project.

View ground mounts completed by Wells Solar:

Solar Panel Ground Mount in Leander TX

Leander TX Solar PV System-1

Solar Panel Ground Mount in Rockdale TX



Solar Panel Tracking Station


Pros: The most efficient installation available, the tracking station moves with the sun to maintain the optimum angle for solar absorption and energy production. Since it’s installed in the ground it’s also easier to clean & maintain than a roof-mounted system.

Cons: Trackers are the most expensive option available due to system complexity and construction materials. Tracking stations also have shorter warranty periods because of their moving parts, anywhere from 2 to 10 years depending on the manufacturer.

Tracking stations are commonly used in utility-scale installations. Click to learn more about Solar Farms in Texas 

Solar Panel Canopy / Awning / Pergola


Pros: Solar awnings, canopies, and pergolas allow you to create shade and capture sunlight at the same time. They’re more aesthetically pleasing than ground mounts, and can be designed to seamlessly blend into your property using wood. A solar canopy creates shaded parking for automobiles, recreation vehicles, heavy machinery, and other things that should be protected from the elements.

Cons: Like ground mounts, these options may have a higher total cost than a traditional roof mounted solar installation.

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