Solar Power in Texas


We put together 6 reasons it makes sense to go solar.

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Solar can offset your entire energy bill.

The value of your home increases $9k-$23k on average.

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The Federal Tax Credit takes 30% off the price.

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Can be paired with battery backup for power outages.

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$0 down payment is accessible for every owner.

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On average utility bills increase annually.


Whether you’re looking to save money each month or have a positive impact on the environment, we can help you meet your goals with solar.

We install premium-quality solar  systems for your rooftop or ground if preferable.  We use only the highest-quality products on our installs. Everything from state of the art solar panels, high-efficiency inverters, and the most reliable optimizers. You can even monitor your system’s performance, access customer resources, contact us, and refer friends (with a $1,000 referral bonus) all through our easy to use app for Apple and Android devices.

Only Wells Solar offers a 25 year operation and maintenance warranty along with a 25 year roof protection providing your home with value, service and reliability for years to come. To learn more about how we can bring your bills down and your home’s value up call us today at 1.833.TX.WELLS or sign up for a free consultation.


Federal Tax Credit (ITC) lowers your cost by 30%, and this is the largest federal tax credit ever offered to homeowners for a home improvement. For homeowners with income tax liabilities, the solar tax credit can deliver substantial savings off the total system cost. If you’re considering adding solar panels to your home, it makes the most financial sense to do it with the highest available tax credit. If you do not pay income taxes you are not eligible for the 30% tax credit, but there are other programs available that allow you to go solar at an affordable rate.


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After, you pay back the loan, you’ll own your clean energy free and clear. Compare that to paying a $250 energy bill each month to a utility company which can increase its rates each year.


An average electricity bill of $300 per month will consume over 25,500 kilowatt hours each year.

Over the next 20 years, that works out to 298,000 lbs. of CO₂. That’s equivalent to:

  • 161 Trees CO₂ consumption
  • 80,159 Gallons of water
  • Driving a car 320,091 miles
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Let's See An Example

Amy Customer

Amy is a homeowner in Texas looking for ways to save money.

Her friends told her about switching to solar energy, but she wants to make sure it’s a safe and smart investment.

Amy represents the average homeowner

She currently pays $215 each month on her energy. Her Wells Solar consultant finds she would need a 8 kW system to offset her electricity usage.

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Happy Amy

Amy will receive a 30% Tax Credit

She is able to take off a substantial $6,152 when she files her taxes the following year. This is deducted from the total loan.

Amy won't pay anything as a down payment.

Amy will pay a monthly loan payment of $128 on a 20-year loan. That’s $87 less than what she was paying for energy from the utility.

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Home Install

Amy will make fixed payments

She will make fixed monthly payments until her loan is paid off. She will have paid less for energy while raising the value of her home.

The Bottom Line?

If Amy goes solar, she’ll save money and reduce her carbon footprint. She’ll also improve the value of her home and impress her neighbors. Over the next 25 years, she will save up to $51,000 and prevent 275,000 pounds of carbon dioxide from being released into the atmosphere.