Affordable Program for Going Solar in TExas

Buy your solar power system upfront and have no monthly payment. Backed by a 25-year warranty, you can start enjoying electricity produced by the sun with instant savings! Wells Solar accepts all major credit cards. Purchase your system outright and never worry about paying for electricity again. Purchasing your system outright leaves you with no monthly payment. Once the system is up and running you will experience pure solar bliss!

Wells Solar offers innovative financing allowing you to trade your power bills for solar savings. Lock-in a payment lower than your current utility rate that never goes up! Wells Solar works with multiple finance partners to offer low interest rates on solar power systems including Tesla Powerwall. For shorter periods, we even offer 0% financing on qualifying installations.

Host a solar power system by renting your roof space and save money each month! A Solar Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) helps you secure a low kWh rate throughout the life of the system. Sunnova and Wells Solar have teamed up to offer free solar to their customers. Lock in a lower rate for the kWh produced by your system than the utility provides and start saving money on your bill today. Learn more about PPAs by filling out our Solar Programs form.
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