#1 Residential Solar Power Solutions in Texas

Here are 3 Reasons Why:

1.) Your Financial Savings

Energy you produce with solar panels is energy you don’t have to buy from the grid. Over the 25 year lifespan of a solar power system, the savings adds up considerably! Wells Solar can help most customers offset their electricity bills by half, while 100% offset is achievable, too. Your exact savings depends on your available roof space and the amount of energy used within the home.

2.) Your Environmental Contribution

Since the beginning of time, the sun has emitted an unlimited amount of clean energy. Solar power has no carbon emissions, and is a renewable resource that replenishes itself with each new day! Our solar power systems include interactive monitoring that tracks your environmental contribution over time. Join the Solar Revolution and feel great about making a positive impact!

3.) Your Home’s Worth

Research shows that homes with solar panels sell at premium prices compared to homes without solar. Low power bills are highly desirable to home buyers across America! Your home is your biggest investment, and a new solar roof will help you protect it in multiple ways. In fact, solar is the one investment you can add to your home that will pay for itself over time. Save money, go green, and earn an incredible return by installing solar panels with Wells Solar!

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Wells Makes Switching to Solar Easy.

Let’s take a look at how switching to solar works.

Fill out our energy consult form and we’ll contact you within 1 business day.
Contact The Wells Solar Team Today!

Wells Solar consultations are always free and no obligation. If you’re leaning towards solar but not sure yet, that’s totally alright. Our goal is to help you understand how solar can offset power bills and provide long term savings for 25+ years. Contact us today to get started.

Once you submit your form a Wells Solar Energy Consultant will schedule time to meet with you virtually or in-person. During this time we will use industry-standard solar engineering software to design the array of panels on your roof. This software simulates weather patterns, solar irradiation, and annual and monthly energy production. We will also need a copy of your electric bill and ensure the financial documents have been completed per your payment preference.
A Solar Designer from our team will make a visit to your home to survey the outside of your home. You do not need to be present for this step. That information is passed along to the our design team. In the design phase, we created detailed engineering plans based on the conceptual design. The engineered plans are complete with structural analysis and electrical schematics. A Project Coordinator will the forward you the design of your solar array including the number of panels necessary needed for your desired energy output. Once you approve we can start the permitting process.

Once you approve your design, your Project Coordinator will begin submitting permits to your city utility company and HOA (if applicable). We then wait for the applicable entities to give us the green light to begin installing your solar system.

During installation, our installation team mounts the panels, inverter and other hardware to perfectly match the engineered design. Our attention to detail results in impeccable installations that make us the #1 residential solar installer in Texas. Installation typically takes 1-2 days depending on the size of your system.

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