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Why is now the time for solar?

In 2020 the 30% Federal Tax Incentive was reduced to 26%, where it will remain through 2023. For homeowners with income tax liabilities, the solar tax credit can deliver substantial savings off the total system cost.

If you’re considering adding solar panels to your home, it makes the most financial sense to do it with the highest available tax credit. If you do not pay income taxes you are not eligible for the 26% tax credit, but there are other programs available that allow you to go solar at an affordable rate.

WHy Wells?

Wells Solar is Here!

Wells Solar proudly offers high-quality solar panel installations and service in Belton, Texas! We also serve neighboring cities including Nolanville and Temple.

Going solar helps you save money by producing your own energy from sunlight, and studies show homes with solar panels are worth more money! Plus, your local power company may offer rebates & incentives to cover part of the cost of installing solar on your home.

Request your FREE solar savings analysis today from Wells Solar to make the switch and you can:

  • Save money by producing your own power from sunlight!
  • Feel good about using clean, renewable electricity!
  • Lock-in affordable electric rates for 25 years!
  • Increase the value of your home!
  • Have affordable financing options!
  • Rest assured with a Tesla Powerwall installed by Wells Solar, a certified Tesla Solar Energy Installer.
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