Ready to take your business to the next level? With Wells Solar, you can ensure that your operations are green and saving you green. Our team would be delighted to speak with you about commercial scale solar for your business.

Here are 3 Reasons Why:

1.) Your Financial Savings

Energy you produce with solar panels is energy you don’t have to buy from the grid. Wells Solar can help your business offset electricity bills by half, while 100% offset is achievable as well. Your exact savings depend on your available roof space and the amount of energy used in your operations.

2.) Solar Businesses Pay Lower Demand Charges

Going solar also allows you to offset demand charges that can erode your profit ability. Improve your bottom line with a solar investment! Take ownership of your electricity and lock in lower rates when you use solar to power your operations. The cost of solar is fixed over the 25-year lifespan of the system, providing your business with savings and predictability.

3.) A Sustainable Business Solution

Solar power is a renewable resource that replenishes itself every day without emissions. Enhance your business’ sustainability with solar panels! Research shows consumers have more favorable preferences for sustainable businesses. Save money, go green, own your power, and earn an incredible return by powering your operations with Wells Solar.

SA Commercial Install


How It Works

We make it easy to help your business harness the sun.

1. Project and Discovery

We’ll spend time getting to know the details of your project and design a system perfect for your use-case.

2. Permits

We’ll handle all permitting required for your installation.  

3. Procurement

We source materials directly from manufacturers. This secures the best possible price for your project.

4. Build

We get to work installing your system. Our project managers handle every part of this process so you can keep focused on your business.

5. Interconnection

Once your system is installed, we’ll work with the utility to interconnect with the grid.

6. Monitoring

Once your system is installed, our Wells Solar app monitoring system allows you to view the real-time performance of each of your solar panels. 


Businesses that choose Wells Solar pay $0 down to go solar, unlocking savings from the very first month!

Over it’s 30+ year lifetime, your solar investment will pay for itself several times over.

30% Tax Credit

The U.S. Federal Government offers a 30% tax credit to Texas business owners who install solar panels. Now is the time to power your operations with the sun.

Let's Talk.

The Wells Solar team of professionals would love to help you understand the solar energy solutions available for your business! Our expert energy consultants will discuss the unique economics of solar for your business and answer key questions in the process of going solar as a Texan businesses.