Solar Farms In Texas

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The Biggest Solar Farms In Texas

As the world transitions into a digital, on-demand, data-driven economy, the way we’re generating our power is changing as well. Texas has long been a leader in wind energy, along with oil & gas, but now more and more solar farms are being built in Texas.

A solar farm is essentially a field of solar panels installed via ground mount or tracking station that rotates to match the sun’s angle for maximum absorption and power generation. A solar farm can sprawl hundreds of acres, and can use tens of thousands of solar modules.

1 Megawatt (1 MW) is the same as 1 million watts of power generation. 1 MW of solar can power 250 average homes in Texas.

Scroll down to learn about the biggest solar farms in Texas, some under construction and many already producing clean power from sunlight, solar power plants!

Solar Farms In Texas

Roadrunner Solar Farm


497 MW

Upton County, Texas near McCamey, TX 79752

The first phase was turned on to operation December 2019, at 252 MW total. Upon completion the 497 MW Roadrunner solar project will be the largest solar farm in Texas. It will use over 1.2 million solar panels when finished in late 2020!!!

Once fully operational, the project will sell its energy in a 65 MW power purchase agreement (PPA) with Mondelēz International and a 70 MW PPA with The Clorox Company. The solar plant will be able to generate approximately 1,200 GWh annually while avoiding the emission of over 785,000 tons of CO2 per year!

Upton-2 Solar Farm


212.5 MW

West Texas

The Upton 2 Solar Farm was the largest solar power plant in Texas prior to the Roadrunner Solar Farm (mentioned above). The solar farm covers nearly 1,900 acres — roughly the equivalent of 1,424 football fields! 718,000 solar panels were used on the project, which generates enough energy to power approximately 56,700 average Texas homes!

Buckthorn Solar Farm

202 MW

Pecos County, Texas

The 1,250 acres of solar panels at the Buckthorn solar plant is an awesome sight to behold. However, what’s even more awesome is that the power supplied by the plant now makes Georgetown the first city in Texas to be powered by 100% renewable energy.

Roserock Solar Farm

212 MW

Pecos County, Texas

Completed in Q4 2016, the Roserock solar facility was built on 1,300 acres in Pecos County, Texas, and consists of approximately 700,000 Canadian Solar photovoltaic solar modules mounted on single axis trackers.

West of the Pecos Solar Project

West of the Pecos solar farm texas

100 MW

Reeves County, Texas, approximately 75 miles southwest of Midland-Odessa

The West of the Pecos Solar Project utilizes nearly 350,000 solar modules on roughly 550 football fields worth of land. It marks RWE’s first solar project in Texas.

Project Corona (Future Construction)

Solar Farm Under Construction Texas

100 MW

San Antonio-based OCI Solar Power is planning a $104 million solar farm in Falls County (Waco area).

The solar company leased 800 acres from private landowners in the reinvestment zone where it plans to build a 100-megawatt solar farm. The company plans to begin construction in October with completion scheduled for November 2021 and an anticipated operational date of January 2022. 

Lapetus Solar Farm


100 MW

Andrews County, Texas

The Lapetus Solar Farm is a large-scale solar project in Andrews County. It began commercial operation in December 2019. The energy generated from the Lapetus Solar project will be delivered to the ERCOT grid and is being sold under three multiyear power purchase agreements (PPAs) to Brazos Electric Power Cooperative Inc. on behalf of CoServ Electric and seven other distribution cooperative members.

In addition to the Lapetus Solar project in Andrews County, in 2019 Duke Energy Renewables announced the acquisition of the 200-MW Holstein Solar project in Nolan County and the 200-MW Rambler Solar project in Tom Green County, Texas. Both projects will be in commercial operation by mid-2020.

Other Notable Solar Farms In Texas

Webberville Solar Farm - Austin Energy Service Area


The Webberville Solar Farm is a 35 MW project in located in Webberville, Texas. It uses 127,000 solar panels mounted on single-axis trackers, covering an area of 380 acres.

Operation began in December 2011, and Austin Energy is purchasing the power generated under a 25 year PPA. At the time of installation the 35 MW Webberville Solar Project was the largest municipal solar project in Texas and the second largest in America. As you can see from above, solar farms in Texas have gotten tremendously bigger over the years (“things are BIGGER in TEXAS”)!

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Alamo Solar Power Project - CPS Energy Service Area


The 450 MW Alamo Solar Project was constructed at different locations across San Antonio, Texas. Its biggest farm, Alamo-6 is a 110 MW solar power plant. The solar energy generated from the Alamo project is enough to meet the annual electricity needs of approximately 70,000 households in San Antonio. Constructed from 2012 to 2016, there are the 7 sites that together make up the Alamo Solar project.

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