Texas Solar Energy News – April 2020

Texas Solar Energy News
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April News Stories About Solar Power In Texas

The following article is a summary of important news updates about solar energy in Texas from April 2020. Find out why Wells Does Solar Better™ by contacting the #1 Solar Panel Installation Company in Texas.

Electricity generators added nearly 23,000 megawatts of new generating capacity last year, the Department of Energy reported. About 9,100 megawatts came from new onshore wind generators, 8,300 megawatts from natural gas-fired power plants and 5,300 megawatts from solar energy.

The number of large solar projects (100 MW and bigger) is rapidly increasing in the U.S. These large solar projects are being driven by corporate buyers and the competitive pricing of solar or solar-plus-storage compared to other generation sources. This includes the 500 MW Pecan Prairie being developed in Leon County, Texas and 330 MW from Belltown in ERCOT North.

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Texas is also on the verge of a renewables boom since it creates the most wind power in the United States. Developers plan to quadruple solar capacities, adding enough panels to light up Dallas in 2020. Solar is already popular when it comes to households, however it is becoming more and more appealing for oil and gas drillers.

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