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Saving With Solar Energy In North San Antonio

Dr. Brian Herman and his family live in the Vineyards area of San Antonio, Texas. They moved to the area 25 years, and Brian is currently a professor of biomedical engineering. 

Scroll down to read what Brian says about his experience becoming a Wells Solar customer in 2018.


Why did you decide to switch to solar energy?

It was a combination of environmental and financial reasons. The cost of electricity continues to increase and we live in a two story home that is costly to heat and cool. We calculated the cost of solar vs. the cost of increasing CPS electricity bills and found the cost of solar installation with amortization cheaper on monthly basis than our monthly (averaged) cost of utility bills.

What were you surprised to learn about solar energy?

We were surprised to learn about the life span of panels and their weather resistance.

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What kind of system did Wells Solar install for your home?

We have a 48 panel 14kW system with modules produced by Mission Solar in San Antonio. 



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What made you choose Wells Solar for your solar installation?

Ultimately we received a better price from Wells Solar and more personal attention. It was a really good upfront presentation by the sales person who helped compare multiple vendor choices without “too much selling” of Wells over others.

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What benefits have you seen since going solar?

Before solar panels, we were averaging $325.26/month on electricity bills. After solar we average $146.00/month (average decrease of 55%).

Of course, the winter months also include natural gas usage and so the actual electrical usage is likely lower than reflected in the bills.

After the rebates that we received, our monthly electricity bill (on average) plus our monthly payments for the solar loan that we took out still are less than our previous average monthly electricity bill.

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And the solar panels will be paid off no later than 7 years after installation, at which point, our electricity costs will be substantially less.

This also does not include the rationale that the solar panels will minimize any rate increases our electricity provider will institute in the future.

What would you say to someone interested in going solar?

It’s good for the environment as well as cost effective; long lasting equipment that at 25 years is still ~95% efficient.

Also solar panels reduced (slightly) home owners insurance cost, even though they increase the value of home (increased value by 5-7%).

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