Are Solar Panels Hail Proof?

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How do solar panels stand up to a hail storm?

“Are solar panels hail proof?” is a common question that we receive. The short answer is “Yes” and as you’ll see below there are a number of factors that go into this determination.

Scroll down to learn more about solar panels being tested for hail damage.

Solar Panels & Hail Protection


The outermost layer of a solar panel is tempered glass. As you can see from the image above, solar cells are protected in a sandwich of encapsulant, resting under the top layer of glass, and contained within an aluminum frame.

Testing Solar Panels For Hail Impact

Additionally, solar manufacturers perform hail tests on their products (as evidenced by the videos below).

Video: Solar homeowner documents golfball sized hailstorm

Video: Stomping on a Hanwha Q CELLS solar panel

Video: Mission Solar quality testing

Our Takeaway

The general consensus in the solar industry is that solar panels should be able to withstand golf ball sized hail. 

Because a solar energy system is installed into your home’s roof, we recommend contacting your homeowner’s insurance company to notify them about your installation. Ask your insurer if the panels would be covered by your existing policy for things like hail damage, inclement weather, and acts of God/Mother Nature.

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