Tesla PowerWall and Solar Panels for $80/Month + $0 Down Financing + 26% Federal Tax Credit!

The perfect combination of an energy system from Wells Solar and a Tesla Powerwall battery gives you all the power. With Powerwall you can…

⚡ Store energy for later use

⚡ Backup power supply & emergency power

⚡ Generate daily power needs via solar panels and batteries

⚡ Protect your family from power outages

⚡ Eligible for the 26% Federal Tax Credit

⚡ Combine with solar to maximize savings and self-reliance

⚡ Can also be combined with a generator for EXTRA backup capabilities

⚡ 10 year warranty

⚡ Powerwall stores 13.5 kWh of usable electricity and will recharge using solar power (if you have it) or grid power (if you don’t have solar panels).

Certified Tesla Installer
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