About Tesla PowerWall

Tesla PowerWall and Solar Panels for $80/Month + $0 Down Financing + 26% Federal Tax Credit!

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About Tesla PowerWall

The perfect combination of an energy system from Wells Solar and a Tesla Powerwall battery gives you all the power.  With Powerwall you can…

⚡ Store energy for later use

⚡ Backup power supply & emergency power

⚡ Generate daily power needs via solar panels and batteries

⚡ Protect your family from power outages

⚡ Eligible for the 26% Federal Tax Credit

⚡ Combine with solar to maximize savings and self-reliance

⚡ Can also be combined with a generator for EXTRA backup capabilities

⚡ 10 year warranty

Powerwall stores 13.5 kWh of usable electricity and will recharge using solar power (if you have it) or grid power (if you don’t have solar panels).

Trade Power Bills For Solar Savings!

Solar panels can produce 100% of your energy needs, here’s an example:

 If your power bill is $100 dollars every month,

 Your solar payment will be around $85

 You save money each month, adding up to THOUSANDS of dollars during the 25-year system warranty!


Lock-in affordable electricity costs for 15, 20, 25 years or more!

Here’s how:

⚡ Energy you produce with solar panels is energy you don’t buy from the electric company 

⚡ You pay the same amount for solar every month

⚡When electricity rates rise, you’re immune because you produce your own power!