Bastrop Home And Garden Show THIS WEEKEND

Bastrop Home Garden Show 2020
Wells Solar

Wells Solar

4 Acres of Home & Garden Activities at Community Gardens Bastrop

This weekend! Community Gardens presents their 2nd Annual Home and Garden Show of Bastrop, TX.

“4 acres of Home & Garden excitement all on one property!”

Entertainment, Vendors, Food, Drinks & Fun

Event Times

Saturday 10AM- 6PM

Sunday 10AM- 3PM

$6 entry 

Kids 12 and under Free

Free Parking 

Pet Friendly 

Kid Friendly 



Business Mixer

Local Vendors 



Wells Solar Presentation Scheduled For Saturday at 2 PM!

Be sure to swing by the Wells Solar Demo House on Saturday at 2PM to learn about saving with solar power!

Our discussion will include the following topics:

  • Understanding your power bills (Bluebonnet example)
    • What is a kilowatt hour (kWh)?
    • How many kWh does your home use each month?
    • Tiered pricing?
  • Options for going solar
    • Roof mount
    • Ground mount
    • Pergolas & carports
  • Sizing solar panels for your home
    • “I use 900 kWh each month, how many solar panels do I need?”
    • Breakdown the math (1 kW of solar will produce xxx kWh each month)
    • Explain the Bluebonnet solar buyback / net metering
      • Give examples of overproduction
      • When does it stop making financial sense?
  • “Where do the batteries go?”
    • Why most systems don’t have batteries
    • Discussion on Tesla Powerwall
      • Pros & cons
      • Size & cost limitations
  • How to trade your power bills for solar savings
  • Enter our raffle to win a FREE Nest Smart Thermostat!!!

Wells Solar proudly offers high-quality solar panel installations and service in Bastrop, Texas! We have a retail location inside Community Gardens staffed Wednesday – Friday from 9 AM – 5 PM and Saturday from 9 AM – 4 PM.

Going solar helps you save money by producing your own energy from sunlight, and studies show homes with solar panels are worth more money! 

Plus, your local power company may offer rebates & incentives to cover part of the cost of installing solar on your home.

Swing by this weekend for an in-person consultation! Se habla Espanol.

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Save With Solar Energy In Bastrop!

About Wells Solar

Founded in 2014 in Austin, Wells Solar & Electrical Services is a family-owned establishment committed to installing high-quality solar power solutions that everyone can afford. Thanks to special solar programs available in Texas, you may be able to trade the money you’re spending on power bills for a solar finance payment and realize net savings each month! Contact Wells Solar to learn more.


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