Texas Solar Energy News – February 2020

Texas Solar Energy News
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February News Stories About Solar Power In Texas

The following article is a summary of important news updates about solar energy in Texas from February 2020. Find out why Wells Does Solar Better™ by contacting the #1 Solar Panel Installation Company in Texas.

Solar developers in Texas are expected to add 3.5 gigawatts of capacity from new utility-scale solar projects this year and 5.5 gigawatts next year, according to the Electric Reliability Council of Texas, the state grid manager. One gigawatt provides enough power for about 700,000 homes.

The largest solar farm in Andrews County was installed in late January after several years of construction. The 130 megawatt Lapetus Energy Project is 800 acres and contains 340,000 solar panels. It’s not the first, and certainly not the last, as solar farms continue to pop up all over the state.

According to the Solar Energy Industries Association, of the 750 solar companies in Texas, there are 120 manufacturers and 307 installers/developers, creating 9,600 jobs across the state. Wells Solar is proud to be the #1 Solar Panel Installation Company in Austin, Texas.

Fifteen years ago, pursuing solar energy was so expensive that it seemed like a pipe dream in the development of alternative energies. Since then, government incentives and competition in the market have brought the price of solar down by what economist Ben Ho calls “a magical amount of money.”

Today, the price of solar energy is cheaper even than coal – traditionally the cheapest form of energy out there.

Texas likes to do things big. The Lone Star State leads the US with the most energy generated by wind power, and now it’s ramping up solar, which is projected to be the fastest-growing contributor to the state’s power grid in the next three years.

"Democrats and Republicans invest in residential solar for different reasons, yet they still invest. Switching to green energy is a win, no matter what or why. In fact, it’s vital for the sake of our planet’s future." - Michelle Lewis, Electrek

Wells Solar Celebrates 6 Year Anniversary

Finally, on February 2nd 2020, Wells Solar & Electrical Services celebrated their 6th year of operation. The 4,000+ solar power systems they’ve installed across Texas have generated more than 14 MILLION kilowatt-hours of CLEAN energy! This “little” company has grown to over 80 employees at offices in AUSTIN, BASTROP, DFW and SAN ANTONIO!

Save With Solar Energy In Texas!

About Wells Solar

Founded in 2014 in Austin, Wells Solar & Electrical Services is a family-owned establishment committed to installing high-quality solar power solutions that everyone can afford. Thanks to special solar programs available in Texas, you may be able to trade the money you’re spending on power bills for a solar finance payment and realize net savings each month! Contact Wells Solar to learn more.


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