Make Solar Energy Possible in Giddings, TX

Sign the petition to make Giddings a solar-friendly city.

Most electric companies and coops in Texas provide homeowners who have solar systems with at least a small credit for the energy that they produce.

Bluebonnet Electric Coop customers with solar, for example, earn “buyback” credits when their system produces excess electricity.

This makes solar a smart investment for the homeowner. 

Let’s compare two homes with a solar system. Home B is in Bastrop and connected to Bluebonnet Electric Coop. Home G is in Giddings and connected to the city of Giddings electric.

During the day, the family who lives in Home B is gone at work and school, while sunshine is being turned into power by their solar panels and then sold back to the utility coop. When the family returns home in the evening and starts to use their lights, and electricity-run appliances, the power that they use is primarily paid for by the credit they generated with their system during the day.

At the end of a billing cycle, many Bluebonnet Coop customers with solar may owe very little or even nothing to the electric company.

None of this would be possible with Home G the way that the city of Giddings electricity company is set up. Home G would not be able to earn any credits with their utility provider. As it stands now, individuals who choose to add solar to their home are not able to get the most out of their investment.

Sign the petition to show the city of Giddings how important solar is to their community members.  

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