Our First Tesla Solar Roof

Wells Solar

Wells Solar

Our First Tesla Solar Roof

A Huge Step Up for Wells Solar

Tesla Solar Roof in Manor TX

We recently finished this beautiful installation in Manor, TX for a wonderful couple who was referred to us through our referral program.

This is the first Tesla roof we installed – a huge first for Wells Solar. As one of the few Tesla Energy Certified Installers in Texas this is huge win for the Wells Solar team!

The 9.5kW will provide stellar savings as well as stunning aesthetics for the Manor family.

Installing the Tesla Solar Roof started for us in 2019 when our team began training to make our install process timely and professional.

Tesla Solar Glass Roof

Every home is unique. Your home is unique. They all require a customized solar solution, especially when the solar panels are the tiles that protect your home from the elements.

Below you can see some photos of our team training on a test model in the field as well as a model we built in one of our warehouses.

Tesla Training Roof Tile

About the Tesla Solar Roof


Tesla Solar Tiles are 3x stronger than traditional roof tiles. Stay protected while generating energy.

25 Year Warranty

The weather resistant tiles will yield solar power and protection for your home for the long term.


The beautiful black incognito modules mesh with your home’s design AND raise your home’s value.


•Tile Warranty: 25 Years
•Power Warranty: 25 Years •Weatherization Warranty: 25 years •Roof Pitch: 2:12 to 12:12
•Hail Rating: Class 3
•Wind Rating: Class F

Tesla Solar Tile Specs

Want to see how much you could be saving with solar? Contact us today by filling the form below or calling us at 833.899.3557.

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