Texas’ Power Grid and the Future of Energy to Come

Wells Solar

Wells Solar

Texas’ Power Grid and the Future of Energy to Come

A New Line of Defense in Texas Energy

Texans faced a brutal winter storm yet again this past January and February, rendering hundreds of thousands of residents without power, some for upwards of two weeks despite a quick return to warm temperatures. Frostbitten foliage and iced-over power lines littered much of the Central Texas area following the storm, giving Texan communities a bitter reminder of the unreliability of the states power grid, as well as ERCOT and state legislators’ failure to communicate and address these issues with more urgency and efficiency.

Renewables on the Rise

Much of the state’s population relies on the centralized energy grid, one which is several decades old and presents considerable issues in powering Texas homes amidst weather disasters. Natural gas unfortunately makes up the majority of this power generation, but renewable energy sources like solar and wind, however, are climbing the ranks in providing Texans with reliable power.

Source: ERCOT

Credit: Alex Ford

A Light at the End of the Tunnel

As power outages and blackouts plagued much of the state early this year, Texas residents with solar systems installed in their homes and businesses retained much more energy than those relying on the states power grid. With rising costs across the globe and a drastically shifting climate, implementing renewable energy sources like solar power into our daily lives is crucial in our efforts to combat these crises.

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