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San Antonio Homeowner Sees 40% Lower Electricity Bills Thanks To Wells Solar

Scott Irwin lives in a town home in downtown San Antonio, Texas. He moved to the area in 2016 after being relocated though the Air Force in his role as a medical professional with the military. 

Scroll down to read what Scott says about his experience becoming a Wells Solar customer in 2019.


Why did you decide to switch to solar energy?

I chose to go with solar energy for two main reasons: environmental and financial. I own a house that is all electric (no gas). I’ve also found that I tend to have my air conditioner on 10-11 months of the year in San Antonio. I felt a little guilty about how much electricity I used, and I also didn’t like the idea of paying for so much electricity.

Honestly, I was only partly interested in solar because I thought it would be involved, complicated, expensive, and slow to realize any financial benefits. I was with a friend when the Wells Solar sales rep called him and set up a time to meet. The meeting was for him, but in listening to the presentation, learning about the benefits, process and product, I became very interested. The representative was kind enough to meet with me at the same time. I also have to say that the knowledge, transparency, and low-pressure approach of the sales rep ultimately “sealed the deal.”

What were you surprised to learn about solar energy?

Several things: I was surprised to learn that savings on my electric bill could be estimated on the spot, that the process from design, installation, inspection, and activation was all handled and coordinated by Wells Solar, the panels have a great warranty, and that I would see immediate savings on my electric bill.

I was also pleased to learn that if they qualify, a person who buys my home in the near future could assume the loan payments if necessary.

Also, I was surprised by how affordable it was to go solar . . . .the absence of up-front costs was a great surprise and motivator.

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What kind of system did Wells Solar install for your home?

Wells Solar installed 10 panels for a total size of 3.10 kW solar PV system.


Click to view the Install Gallery: 3 kW Solar PV System in San Antonio

What made you choose Wells Solar for your solar installation?

The understandable, transparent information and the representative were big factors. The way she represented Wells Solar as a sound, reliable company was also a big factor. Also, my neighbors said they had spoken to others in the past and the Wells Solar information was more favorable, cost effective, and straight forward.

Another factor that was nice is that the representative offered to meet so many of my neighbors and, if the timing had worked out, she would have attended and presented at an HOA meeting.

I also appreciate the solar-powered heat extractors (attic fans) that Wells Solar installed, and I can’t deny that the Nest thermostat and referral bonus were very much appreciated.


What benefits have you seen since going solar?

My savings is exactly what the representative suggested: I save approximately 40-45% on my electric bill (this is partly because my small roof space could only accommodate 10 panels). After the savings on the electric bill and my monthly solar payment, I am saving approximately $400/year.

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