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Q CELLS Solar Panels Offer The Best Overall Value In Texas!

The Hanwha Group has long been a technology leader in high-performance solar panels. It has recently grown into the #1 manufacturer by installation volume thanks to overall value with respect to cost and efficiency.

Scroll down to read about Hanwha Q CELLS Q.ANTUM DUO Technology and learn why Wells Solar is proud to offer Q CELLS solar panels on residential installations in Texas!

Who Is Hanwha Q CELLS?

Hanwha Q CELLS America is headquartered in Irvine, CA and handles sales for the North American region. It is a subsidiary of Hanwha Q CELLS Co., Ltd. (NASDAQ:HQCL), one of the world´s largest and most recognized photovoltaic manufacturers for its high-performance, high-quality solar cells and modules.

It is a global PV leader offering a full spectrum of photovoltaic products, from modules for home solar energy systems to large scale solar power plant applications.

A solar panel warranty is only as good as the manufacturer who stands behind it. With the financial backing of such a large institution, Hanwha Q CELLS can be thought of as a ‘bankable’ solar panel manufacturer, or basically a company that is poised to survive economic ups & downs, and one who will be around long enough to honor their warranty.

The Biggest Solar Manufacturer You’ve Never Heard Of

At the end of 2019, Q CELLS claimed top market share in the U.S. residential PV sector according to the Q4 2019 U.S. PV Leaderboard organized by leading energy research & consultancy firm, Wood Mackenzie Power & Renewables.


This is a testament to the company’s overall value and commitment to quality. Homeowners all across America have put their faith into the Q CELLS brand and the result is the #1 manufacturer by installation volume.

What Makes Q CELLS A Leader In Solar Technology?

Hanwha Q CELLS products are treated with a special nano coating that allows more sunlight to be reflected back through the cell to generate more electricity. Q.ANTUM Technology combines our patented rear-side passivation with an optimized power reflector and advanced silver paste printing technology.

The new Q.PEAK DUO solar modules from Q CELLS are the ideal solution for residential buildings thanks to innovative Q.ANTUM DUO Technology, which enables particularly high performance on a small surface. Q.ANTUM’s world-record-holding cell concept has now been combined with state-of-the-art circuitry half cells and a six-busbar design, thus achieving outstanding performance under real conditions – both with low-intensity solar radiation as well as on hot, clear summer days.


Q.ANTUM is the high-performance technology process from the Q CELLS team of solar engineers – the ‘secret sauce’ so to speak.


Up to 19.5% Efficiency Rate!

Q.ANTUM delivers exceptional performance under real-world conditions, designed to generate more power when the sun is rising, setting, or even behind clouds. You’ll also see higher production in the middle of hot and sunny summers, and during clear fall and winter days, when the sun is not as high in the sky.

High Performance In An Elegant Design

The new Q.PEAK DUO BLK solar module from Q CELLS offers a beautiful appearance that seamlessly blends into your roof.

Q CELLS Are Made In America & Used In Texas Power Plants!

In 2019 Q CELLS opened a new manufacturing facility in Dalton, Georgia. With an annual production capacity of 1.7 GW, their new facility is the largest solar module assembly plant in the Western Hemisphere!!

Plus, in 2015 the City of Austin signed a 25-year power purchase agreement to buy the output of a 170 MW solar PV power plant built in West Texas using modules manufactured by Hanwha Q CELLS USA.

West of the Pecos solar farm texas

In a company statement, general manager Larry Weis said, “We’re very pleased to be partnering with Hanwha to bring more clean solar energy to our customers. This action moves us closer to the City of Austin’s goal of 55% renewable energy production by 2025.”

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