Since 2014, Wells Solar has focused on delivering the best workmanship, materials, and customer service at affordable prices so you can be as excited about solar as we are. We handle everything from paperwork to maintenance, so all you have to worry about is what to do with the savings.


How and Why We Do It

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You can finance a solar installation with $0 down. Any additional down payment will go toward the principal of your loan and reduce your monthly payments over the lifetime of the loan.

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The federal tax credit for a residential solar system is 26% of the system’s contract price through 2023. When you receive your tax credit, lenders generally hope that you put it toward the principal of your loan.

Your local utility company may also offer rebates and incentives for going solar. Click here to learn more.

When financing solar, your loan should replace your utility bill. However, unlike your old bill, your loan payment will be the same ten years from now. In addition, you will build equity and will soon own your energy supply.

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Solar installations are covered by multiple warranties. Hardware warranties from the manufacturers warrant the products for their useful life. In addition, our workmanship warranty gives you peace of mind in knowing that we are here for you and stand behind our work.

Homebuyers today are looking for new ways to reduce their carbon emissions and save money on bills. As a result, homes with solar usually sell faster and for higher prices.

On average you will see your home’s value rise by $9k-$33k when you switch to solar.

Why is now the time for solar?

In 2020 the 30% Federal Tax Incentive was reduced to 26%, where it will remain through 2023. For homeowners with income tax liabilities, the solar tax credit can deliver substantial savings off the total system cost.

If you’re considering adding solar panels to your home, it makes the most financial sense to do it with the highest available tax credit. If you do not pay income taxes you are not eligible for the 26% tax credit, but there are other programs available that allow you to go solar at an affordable rate.

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