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Once you fill out our form, our team will reach out to you to get the conversation started. All of our consultations are free and work around your schedule.

When you switch to solar with Wells you will get started with $0 down and 0 payments until the system is activated. If you act soon you can take advantage of the 26%  Federal Incentive Tax Credit.

About Wells Solar

We are Texas’ premiere solar installer for both residential and commercial properties. Wells is a family-owned company founded in Austin in 2014 by Austin natives.

With over 6,500 installs and counting, we are the largest residential solar installer in Texas. We were voted #1 turnkey residential solar installer for our exceptional customer service. We lead the industry with our 25 year operation and maintenance warranty, providing you with confidence for years to come. Wells is also one of five solar installers in Texas with the coveted Tesla Energy Certification which means we offer Tesla solar modules, Tesla Solar Glass Roofs, Tesla Powerwall 2 Backup Batteries, and Tesla EV Chargers.

When you switch to solar with Wells you can get started with $0 down and 0 payments until the system is activated. If you act soon you can take advantage of the 26% ITC. Not only that, but we’ll do our part to get you the best rebates for your home to ensure maximum savings.

At Wells Solar we strive to deliver quality service to Texans looking to break away from traditional energy sources and save big on their energy consumption. When we empower Austinites to independence from the grid, they save money while reducing their carbon footprint and increase the value of their home.

How Could Solar Benefit You?

By adding a customized solar solution to your home you can increase the value of your home, save money on energy every month, and lock in a fixed rate for your energy while utility energy costs rise every year. Every year more and more Texans are breaking away from the norms of energy consumption and adopting solar as the method to power their home. From 2020 to 2022, residential solar has grown by 72% in Texas.
Just because the temperatures are going up doesn’t mean the price of your electricity should. The graph below shows how the price of electricity has risen in just 5 years. Yikes!
Solar Install for Dads

Switching to solar also grants you access to a limited-time tax incentive! The Federal Solar Incentive Tax Credit grants homeowners a 26% break on the total cost of their system when they switch before the end of 2022.

Additionally your home will go up in value when you add a solar system. On average, Texas homes rise by $9-$23k with a solar system added.

By adding solar AND a backup battery you can also rest assured that your family will have energy during power outages or in emergency situations. We’re currently offering a 5kW system with a backup battery for only $125/mo.

Need an Electrician?

Let Wells handle your upgrades, installations, repairs – virtually any electric need you have. The next time you need an electrician, call us at (737) 400.4448.