Solar Power Solutions In Texas

Wells Solar Power Solutions In Texas

Residential Solar Panel Design & Installation

Save money on power bills, use clean energy, increase the value of your home!

Solar Panel Service, Maintenance and Repair

The Wells Solar Service Department is here to help when trouble arises!

Commercial Solar Power Solutions

Lock-in lower electricity costs & improve the bottom line for your business!


2019 is the last year for the 30% Federal Tax Incentive. At the end of this year the solar tax credit will decrease significantly, making your net cost increase. In some cities installation can take several months, so it’s important to decide sooner rather than later to lock-in the best deal of the decade. 

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The Wells Solar Advantage

  • We have three Master Electricians on staff, inspecting each system to ensure the highest quality workmanship. 
  • We offer system monitoring on all solar projects, allowing our customers to track their energy production and daily savings. 
  • We offer an industry-leading 25 year warranty on both the components and the installation. 
  • We are a Texas-born company. We use local products when possible and give back to our community. We’ve been here from the beginning and we plan to be here until the end.