Solar PV System in Bexar County, Texas

Wells Solar designed & installed this 48 panel solar PV system in Bexar County, TX. The homeowner was motivated by environmental & financial savings, saying that solar is both “good for the environment and cost-effective.”

This 14.40 kW system was designed to supply the Herman family with the majority of their electricity needs from solar power during the day, and at night their home receives energy through the local grid.

“The solar panels reduced our homeowners insurance cost even though they increased the value of our home,” he added.

Over the lifetime of the system it will deliver more than $56,862 dollars worth of electricity savings!

Click to learn more about the CPS Energy Solar Rebate Program available in Bexar County.

"After the rebates that we received, our monthly electricity bill (on average) plus our monthly payments for the solar loan that we took out are still less than our previous average monthly electricity bill. And the solar panels will be paid off no later than 7 years after installation, at which point, our electricity costs will be substantially less. This also does not include the rationale that the solar panels will minimize any rate increases our electricity provider will institute in the future."
Brian Herman
Bexar County TX Homeowner

System Details:

  • 48 High-Efficiency Solar Modules
  • 14.40 kW Total System Size
  • SolarEdge Inverter and DC Optimizers
  • 24/7 System Monitoring, Tracking & Reporting
  • 25 Year Warranty
  • More Than $56,000 Dollars Saved Next 30 Years!

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