This is the Year for Solar Savings

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This is the Year for Solar Savings

Something we often hear in our office is, “I want solar, but it is too expensive!” While solar may seem like a pricey home improvement, it is, in fact, a fantastic, affordable investment opportunity that is much more accessible than you might think. And 2019 might just be the very best year for solar.

Here’s why:

The Federal Tax Credit for solar currently rebates homeowners up to 30% of the overall cost of the system. However, 2019 is the last year for the maximum, 30% return.

In 2020, the tax credit will diminish to 26%, and it will keep falling each, subsequent year.

30% sounds pretty good, right?

We work with each of our homeowners to ensure that their purchase makes sense for the budget. We have a variety of financing programs that in many cases, make payments for solar less than what you pay for electricity.

Not to mention, if you stick with your traditional energy provider, you are paying for electricity every single month for the rest of your life.

The price per kilowatt hour goes up every single year and is predicted to increase dramatically, especially in Texas.

When you purchase solar, you only pay for energy until the system has been paid off.

Instead of lining the pockets of the utility company until the end of time, you’re investing in a resource you must have anyway.

So what are you waiting for? The credits will decrease and the cost of electricity will increase.

2019 is your year for solar. Give us a call. Let’s make it happen.

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