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Texas Solar Energy News
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March News Stories About Solar Power In Texas

The following article is a summary of important news updates about solar energy in Texas from March 2020. Find out why Wells Does Solar Better™ by contacting the #1 Solar Panel Installation Company in Texas.

In Texas, solar energy is one of the smallest contributors to the power grid, providing 2.2 percent of generation capacity this year. But solar also is projected to be the fastest growing over the next three years. The COVID-19 economic stimulus package has recently come under critique for providing billions of dollars in loans for the oil and gas industry but ignoring the solar energy industry, which has become one of the fastest growing sources of power in the United States.

Lightsource BP announced they have secured $250 million for a 260-megawatt solar project located in Lamar County, Texas, 120 miles northeast of Dallas. Generation from a project of this size and type would typically be expected to provide clean, cost-effective energy for the equivalent of more than 34,000 homes in the Texas market.

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A new report from the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) shows exas taking the 2nd highest spot for total amount of solar installed throughout the year, and 5th for residential solar. There are now nearly 78 gigawatts of solar capacity installed nationwide, enough to power 14.5 million homes!

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In this time of uncertainty, many solar customers and prospective customers are turning to battery storage. There is a growing desire for “energy freedom,” a desire which is driving the installation of more home battery purchases like the Tesla Powerwall.

Wells Solar Including Backup Generators On Solar Panel Installations

Finally, in March Wells Solar & Electrical Services introduced a Backup Power Promotion where all new customers who go solar will be given a dual-fuel generator at no additional cost.

Texas area homeowners are taking steps to protect their families from power outages and blackouts caused by tornadoes, strong winds and economic disasters. Wells Solar is proud to offer backup power systems in 2020, including solar PV panels, Tesla Powerwall home batteries, and generators.

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