Texas Solar Energy News – January 2020

Texas Solar Energy News
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Wells Solar

January News Stories About Solar Power In Texas

The following article is a summary of important news updates about solar energy in Texas from January 2020. Find out why Wells Does Solar Better™ by contacting the #1 Solar Panel Installation Company in Texas.

A San Antonio-based developer is planning a 100-megawatt (MW) solar farm in Falls County. “Project Corona” will fill an 800-acre plot of land leased from private owners. It’s slated to begin construction in October with completion scheduled for November 2021.

Wind and solar energy production surpassed coal energy generation in Texas last year, according to a new report from the Electric Reliability Council of Texas. Most of that is attributable to wind, which made up 20.01% of the state’s power generation in 2019. However, solar energy generation is poised to increase by 30x its current level (1.15% of Texas’s power generation in 2019).

Another BIG solar farm has been turned on in West Texas! The 100 MWac ‘West of the Pecos’ solar farm is located in Reeves County, Texas, approximately 75 miles southwest of Midland-Odessa. The project utilizes nearly 350,000 solar modules spanning 700 acres!

Budweiser parent AB InBev announced a new partnership to purchase 100% green power for it’s operations. This commitment will make AB InBev the largest corporate buyer of renewable electricity in the consumer goods industry, involving its operations across the UK, Russia, Mexico, the U.S., Australia, China and India.

“Consumers increasingly want to make ‘green’ choices with the products they buy. Corporations are the new driving force in this transition and, within the retail sector, it means consumers can help play a part in combating climate change through the buying decisions they make.” - AB InBev Spokesperson

Wells Solar Announces Tesla Powerwall Certification

Finally, in January Wells Solar announced their recognition as a Tesla Powerwall Certified Installer in Texas. Adding the Tesla battery to a solar panel installation can ensure a home always runs on 100% clean energy for greater environmental benefits. Powerwall may also be programmed to charge an electric car with solar energy. Because Wells Solar is a certified installer, you can get Powerwall + Solar Panels for as low as $101/month!

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About Wells Solar

Founded in 2014 in Austin, Wells Solar & Electrical Services is a family-owned establishment committed to installing high-quality solar power solutions that everyone can afford. Thanks to special solar programs available in Texas, you may be able to trade the money you’re spending on power bills for a solar finance payment and realize net savings each month! Contact Wells Solar to learn more.


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