Texas Heat and Energy Prices in Summer 2022

Texas Heat and Energy Prices in Summer 2022
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Wells Solar

Texas Heat and Energy Prices in Summer 2022


Texas summer quickly approaches. This means barbecues, floating the river and summer vacation for the kiddos. Unfortunatley, that also means it is the season for highest electricity bills. For the past five years electricity rates in Texas have been rising. Our current infrastructure is simply unable to come up with the demand!

About 44% of Texas electricity is produced by natural gas, as a result the skyrocketing cost of natural gas helps to increase the electricity bill. If it keeps going up, the electricity price will be ridiculously expensive in the not so distant future.

Texas Historic Electricity Rates

Thousands of people move to Texas every month which is causing an alarming supply and demand issue that is increases our rates. Our commission that protects Texas energy approved rate increases during high demand in order to keep up with the high spikes in usage. This means consumers end up paying the bill for a bad energy infrastructure.

This is a shame considering we all could lose our electricity easily when natural gas power plants become non-functional by abnormal weather events like winter storm 2021. Renewable energy is slowly but steadily becoming a reliable form of energy at the utility scale as well as the residential level. Homeowners can safeguard their energy and ensure they don’t experience high bills or loss of power when they switch to a solar system.

How Can You Act Now?

As mentioned above, the electricity keeps getting higher.  If your current electricity bill is $150, it could cost you $85,600 or more over the course of 25 years! The cost of doing nothing far outweighs the cost of switching to solar.

Going solar is a smart move. The Federal Tax Credit (ITC) lowers your cost by 30% – this is the largest federal tax credit ever offered to homeowners for a home improvement. Take advantage of the new tax-saving opportunity and avoid the expensive summer energy bills or rolling blackouts.


Energy Cost Projection (30 years)

How much you could be saving with solar?

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