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New Tesla Solar Tile Roof Now Available in Texas!

After years of development the Tesla Solar Tile Roof is finally becoming available in Texas. Since Wells Solar is a Certified Tesla Installer, we’ve been given early access to the first round of installations in Central Texas.

Scroll down to learn about Tesla’s new Solar Shingles or Contact Us to schedule a consultation today!

View of Tesla Solar Roof installation on a residence.

What is Tesla Solar Roof?

Tesla-Solar-Shingles-Roofing-Texas-product-photoIt’s a roof and solar combined into one beautiful product!

The new Tesla Solar Roof is a glass tile that has been designed with solar cells. You can think of it like a high-quality shingle or terracotta tile roofing product, with the main difference being the ability to absorb sunlight and convert it to useable A/C energy within your home, just like a standard solar module.

Tesla Solar Roof combines roofing and solar into one beautiful product with a 25-year warranty.

Tesla Solar Roof Specs:

  • 25 Year Power Warranty
  • 25 Year Tile Warranty
  • 25 Year Weatherization Warranty
  • Hail Rating: Class 3 ANSI FM 4473(up to 1.75″ diameter hail)
  • Wind Rating: Class F ASTM D3161(up to 130 mph winds
  • Fire Rating: Class A UL 790(best fire rating)

Benefits of Tesla Solar Roof

View of Tesla Solar Roof, new shingle roofing product available in 2020.

Invisible Solar

With a fully integrated design, each solar and non-solar tile is virtually indistinguishable in color and trim. The result is a brand-new roof that looks incredible from any angle.

Built to Last

Made with tempered glass, Solar Roof tiles are more than three times stronger than standard roofing tiles and engineered for all-weather durability, including active snow/ice melting.

Maximum Solar Generation 

Maximize your solar production with more tiles —that generate more energy. With a single, larger tile in each module, you can drastically increase how much energy you produce to fit your energy needs.

Best Value

Pay less for electricity and replace your current roof—comparable in cost to a new composite shingle roof and your electric bill. Power all your needs with energy you produce and a personal utility you control.

Energy Independence

Combine Solar Roof with Powerwall to rely less on utility power and back up your home during a grid outage. Control your system with 24/7 mobile monitoring from anywhere in the world.

Who Should Purchase The New Tesla Solar Roof?

If you already have solar panels, the new Tesla Roof is probably not for you. Like all of their other products, Solar Roof is a high-performance and premium priced product.

That being said, if your roof needs to be replaced and you’re interested in paying less on electricity bills, Tesla Solar Roof may be your best option. It’s price competitive with a new roof + panels, and the solar portion will pay for itself in about 8-10 years, plus it adds a lot of value to your home.

When combined with Powerwall, Tesla’s home battery unit, you may come pretty close to living “off the grid” and producing 100% of your energy needs during the day and at night!

The video below is from a homeowner in California who has been using Solar Roof and Powerwall for 3 months. Watch the video to get a better idea of whether or not it’s a good fit for you, and fill out the form below to get a quote.

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