Customer Interview: Going Solar In Oglesby, Texas

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Wells Solar

Wells Solar

Solar Financing Allows Oglesby Homeowner To 'Be Free From Power Bills'

Brandy Featherston lives in Oglesby, Texas. She was born in Gatesville, TX and stayed in the area to raise her family.

Scroll down to read what Brandy says about her experience as a Wells Solar customer.

Why did you decide to switch to solar energy?

I decided to switch to solar to save money in the long run. Basically the cost is what I would normally pay for an electric bill so later down the road I will be free from an electric bill.

What were you surprised to learn about solar energy?

I was surprised on how well it works. I mean I had an awesome sales person but you don’t know what your really getting into at first. Everything that he said would happen, did.

What kind of system did Wells Solar install for your home?

Honestly I don’t remember all the fine details. I have a good amount of panels. We installed them on our shop instead of the house. Our system is big enough to pull a 2100 sq ft house and a 25×35 shop.

Oglesby Texas Solar PV System Install-1

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What made you choose Wells Solar for your solar installation?

We had looked at solar systems before but I didn’t feel comfortable with the information that was provided and we had to find our own financing. Wells Solar called me to see if I would be interested and I gave them the opportunity to come talk to us. They where not pushy and told me there was no obligation to purchase.

Our sales rep. talked to us about everything, explained that they offered solar financing for Texans, and was up front and honest about everything. It was a great experience all around so I decided that it as a good opportunity for us to try. Hands down from talking about everything to getting it installed it was so easy.

What was the process of going solar like?

Easy. They setup the day and time. We work a lot and aren’t at home during the week. They did it without us having to be there. Made it super easy and convenient.

What benefits have you seen from going solar?

So we are actually with a co-op. Which means regardless of how much we save they have a monthly fee. Their monthly fee is $18. This last month was my highest bill. It was $64 now it has been rainy and nasty outside. Typically is it $40 which includes my $18 membership fee. 

Killeen Texas Solar Savings-sm

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What would you say to someone who is interested in going solar?

Go for it! It’s a big investment but when you get older you will end up saving a lot of money. Why not have one less bill that way you can retire. I was scared at first but every month when I receive my bill it’s definitely worth it.

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