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Solar Panels In New Braunfels Allow Homeowners To Enhance 'Independent Lifestyle'

Stephen & Theresa Ray live in New Braunfels, Texas. Stephen is Assistant Professor in Physics at Texas State University and Texas Lutheran University, and Theresa homeschools their children, Andrew (5), Francesanne (3), Kateri (2), while working at home as a Shaklee Distributor.

Scroll down to read what The Rays say about their experience with Wells Solar.


Why did you decide to switch to solar energy?

There were a couple factors in play for us.

1) We try to live a lifestyle that is as independent as possible. We garden and hunt as much as we are able. We wanted to have an independent source of energy and now we have a great source of solar energy from 8 am to 5 pm.

2) We “pulled the trigger” because of the $5,000 federal tax credit. Without that credit, we probably would not have gone solar. Now, we are looking to refinance with the solar loan company to roll the solar payments into our mortgage payments.

3) We designed a system that fit our wants and budget.

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What were you surprised to learn about solar energy?


What kind of system did Wells Solar install for your home?

Wells Solar installed 15 MISSION SOLAR panels with 1 SolarEdge Inverter to create a 4.65 kW PV System. On sunny days our system generates about 22 kWh a day. But that is with data for only December through March. We are excited to see what kind of solar energy we generate over the summer!


Click to view the Install Gallery: 4 kW Solar PV System in New Braunfels TX

What made you choose Wells Solar for your solar installation?

Wells Solar was the first company we interviewed and the only one. We felt good about their presentation. Our sales rep Ashleigh helped us determine the best system size for our wants and needs. We didn’t feel pressure to get any particular size system, but one that matched what we wanted.

The company has taken care of all the communication and scheduling. Very little work on our part besides back and forth with our utilities company. Other reasons for choosing Wells were their 25 year manufacturers warranty, they are a local/state business that has been around for awhile. Other companies we were going to interview were national and warranties are only good in certain states, they have a referral program, I thought their technology was up to date, and they had $0 down financing which was good for us.

What was the process of going solar like?

Wells Solar had the system installed and ready to go within 2 weeks. The big setback we experienced was the difficulty of dealing with our utility company and the city. Installing solar is not a streamlined process for our city and unfortunately we were part of the streamlining process. Cory our project manager was great in taking the brunt of the frustration. Other than that, when Wells Solar had to get something done for the project, it was done surprisingly quickly.

What would you say to someone who is interested in going solar?

The next step would be to talk to someone about it! Ashleigh was a great sales rep and as long as the other sales reps have the same integrity, Wells Solar will tell you whether going solar is worth your investment and find a system that fits you needs.

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