Product Spotlight: Tesla Powerwall 2

Tesla Power Wall 2
Wells Solar

Wells Solar

Product Spotlight: Tesla Powerwall 2

Taking your Energy Consumption to the Next Level

Tesla Powerwall 2 Benefits:
Monitor your system
  • you can keep track of your energy usage, get alerts during severe weather, and control the settings through your phone. 
Use energy and recharge it
  • Powerwall stores energy for your daily life in day time, at night, or during outages. The sun charges your battery again so you have power when the sun is out.
No Power Disruptions
  • Powerwall can automatically detect a power outage and restore power to your home in less than a second.  
Install It Wherever You’d Like
  • Powerwall is designed to install on the wall or floor, inside or outside, and is weather resistant. 
10 year warranty
  • Powerwall has a 10 year warranty which covers all repairs and guarantees performance.

Don't Miss This Opportunity

Installing Tesla Powerwall 2 could maximize your solar system experience and ensure the efficient use of your solar energy in everyday life which means you save more money. For example, When your solar panels are not producing enough electricity for your needs at night or during day time , you can pull energy from your Powerwall instead of having to buy it from utility companies.

Power outages always happen when you need energy the most. Powerwall protects your family from unexpected power outages caused by grid failure and unexpected weather.

Powerwall is eligible for the 30% federal tax credit (ITC) as well.


Usable Energy
On-Grid Power
Backup Power
  • 13.5 kWh
  • 5.8kVA continuous
  • 10kW peak
  • 106A LRA start
  • Seamless backup transition
Durability & Warranty
  • Floor or wall mounted
  • Indoor or outdoor
  • Up to 10 Powerwalls
  • Meets US and International safety and EMI standards
  • 10 years
  • -4°F to 122°F
  • Water and Dust Resistant

How much you could be saving with Tesla Powerwall 2?

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