Product Spotlight: Franklin Whole Home Battery

Wells Solar

Wells Solar

Product Spotlight: Franklin Whole Home Battery

Power For Your Home, On Your Terms

The Franklin Home Power (FHP) system is an incredibly versatile and fully customizable solution when it comes to backing up your home. With a simple click in the FranklinWH mobile app and capabilities of integrating multiple power sources, the FHP’s aPower X units and aGate X control system have your back when you need it most.

Franklin Whole Home Battery Benefits:

Power & Recharge
  • Store the energy generated from your home solar system in the Franklin battery and recharge it again during daylight hours
Mobile Monitoring
  • Using the aGate X, fully control your home’s energy usage and view real-time results, all through the click of a simple mobile app
Expandable Energy
  • Scale your power with up to 15 aPower X units per aGate X, expandable energy reaching 204kWh and continuous output up to 38.4kW
Safe & Seamless
  • Put your mind at ease with safer lithium iron phosphate (LFP) cells and intelligent power outage detection for seamless energy transfer
12-Year Warranty
  • With a durable, corrosion-proof enclosure, your FHP system is covered on repairs and guaranteed to perform under any circumstance, rain or shine

The Opportunity of a Lifetime

With a seemingly never-ending rise in electricity prices and a drastically intensifying global climate, a reliable backup power solution like the Franklin battery is essential to ensuring you never have to sit in the dark. Maximize the energy you gain from your home solar panels and save it for a rainy day, literally! From its ability to hold energy from solar, disperse it to specific parts of your home via the Franklin mobile app and even connect to other backup options like generators, the FHP is your best defense against rising utility costs, temperatures and reliance on the state grid. Whether it’s a planned city-wide blackout or a power outage from severe weather, don’t sweat it; Franklin’s got your back!





  • Usable energy expandable from 13.6kWh to 204kWh
  • Continuous output power ranging from 5kW to 38.4kW
  •  Pair up to 15 aPower X units to a single aGate X
  • Full integration and control of multiple power sources, including any solar inverter or standby generator
  • Capable of grid-tied or off-grid residential applications
  • Equipped with safer and more heat-resistant lithium iron phosphate (LFP) battery cells
  • Advanced Battery Management System (BMS) with State of Health (SOH) pro-active battery technology



  • Micro-grid interconnect device (MID) functionality

  • Auto-detection of grid outages for seamless power transfer

  • Black-start functionality and daily PV restart capabilities

  • Guaranteed performance and a 12-year warranty
  • Built within a durable NEMA 3R enclosure
  • Corrosion-proof exterior for outdoor installation 

How much could you be saving with the Franklin battery?

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