Product Highlight: Interlock Kit Installation for Home Generators

Wells Solar

Wells Solar

Product Highlight: Interlock Kit Installation for Home Generators

What's an Interlock Kit?

Interlock kits are devices designed to allow homeowners to safely power their entire home with a portable generator during power outages. These devices essentially provide a way to switch from grid power to generator power using a mechanical interlock that prevents both sources of electricity from being used simultaneously. Interlock kits are typically installed in the main electrical panel of a home by a licensed electrician and can provide peace of mind during severe weather events and other unexpected power outages. With an interlock kit, homeowners can ensure they have the power they need to keep their family comfortable and safe until grid power is restored.

How It Works:

An interlock kit for generators is a safety device that prevents the generator and the utility power from being connected to a home or building electrical system at the same time. It consists of several components that work together to ensure proper and safe operation:

  • Interlock bracket: attaches to the circuit breaker panel and the main service disconnect switch
  • Handle tie: connects the main service disconnect switch and the generator breaker to ensure they cannot be turned on at the same time
  • Drill bit and mounting screws: used to secure the interlock bracket to the circuit breaker panel
  • Labels: placed on the circuit breaker panel to indicate which breakers are connected to the generator and which are connected to utility power

Where We Come In

Wells Solar is currently providing interlock kit installation services for a variety of generators, like the versatile standby units in the Generac Guardian Series or the rugged and portable Duromax generator. If you’re aiming to use your generator as a reliable home backup power option, allow Wells Solar to assist with installing your interlock kit, ensuring safe and secure backup when you need it most. 

If you’re in the Austin area, Wells Electric is here for your home electrical needs. Our highly trained team of master electricians provide a broad range of services like electrical maintenance, repair, upgrades and diagnostics, guaranteeing that every job is completed to the highest degree of quality and professionalism. See why Wells Solar is not only #1 in solar installation, but electrical services too!

Stay plugged in 🔌 and interlocked 🔒 with Wells Solar.

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