Power Outages Again?

Power Outages Again in Texas
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Power Outages Again?

The heat in Texas is coming back with a vengeance this summer. Just a few months ago Texans across the state were scrambling for snow boots and blankets as frozen gas lines left millions without power for days on end. The weather is unpredictable and extreme. What we can predict is that the Texas Interconnect, our state’s electric grid, will not be able to keep up with demand without hiccups.

February’s “Snowpocalypse” exposed weaknesses in our grid and placed the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) front and center of the energy failure debacle. While our state refuses to connect to the two other national grids (Western Interconnect and Eastern Interconnect), Texans pay the price and continue to do so.


At first it was too cold for our grid and now it seems that it has become too hot.


As of June 14, 2021 ERCOT has asked Texans to conserve their energy prompting backlash from people across the state. As an extreme heat wave passes through the Southwest, temperature records have been shattered. This has pushed the grid to the brink of failure as residents crank up the air conditioner. 

A large area of Texas, and much of the Western U.S., will likely have above average temperatures this summer, according to an April analysis by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

Approximately 12,000 megawatts of generation were offline at the height of the heat wave. ERCOT officials said the loss in output was due to power plant outages without give details as to what may be causing them.

“It is not consistent with fleet performance that we have seen over the last few summers.”

This is concerning as we have barely entered the summer season and are quickly approaching the hottest months. And with an already destabilized grid from February’s freeze, there is greater cause to worry of rolling blackouts in the scorching heat. For some this could mean the difference between life-saving appliances or medical devices needed in their homes.

At Wells Solar, we believe there is a different way. A better way. You and your neighbors should be able to use your air conditioning when it is hot. You should be able to use electricity for your washer and dryer. Home Medical Devices need to stay on for those in need. At Wells Solar, we offer backup solutions that fit your home’s needs. Whether it’s batteries that work with your solar system or generators that automatically turn when the grid fails we have your back.

With $0 down, 0% financing, a 26% federal tax rebate, and rising energy prices the time couldn’t be better to make the switch to solar. When you make the switch to solar you become the owner of your own power, your rising energy costs turn into a flat monthly rate, and most importantly, you have power when you need it. Take back your independence and contact us today.

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