Oncor Solar Rebate 2020

Oncor Solar Rebate Incentive 2020
Wells Solar

Wells Solar

Earn Solar Rebates From Oncor In 2020!

Oncor is one of a number of electricity providers in Texas currently offering rebates and incentives to encourage homeowners to install solar panels.

Believe it or not, when you produce your own energy through solar you ease the strain on the Texas electricity grid, which is especially important during peak demand times such as during the summer.

Scroll down to learn how you can get paid to go solar in Oncor territory or sign up with Wells, the #1 solar panel installation company in Texas!

Oncor’s 2020 Solar Rebate - Key Things to Know

  • The maximum solar rebate is $8,500
  • The maximum system size eligible for the incentive is 10 kW-AC.
  • Your home must be served by Oncor under a residential rate.
  • A permanent meter must be installed on your property and the residence must be considered permanent (homes under construction on a temporary meter, and mobile residences such as travel trailers are not eligible).
  • Your home may not have an existing solar system installed. Existing systems are not eligible for this solar incentive.

Oncor’s 2020 Solar Rebate - Location Eligibility

Oncor’s electric service territory is clustered in the Dallas-Fort Worth area but stretches as low as Round Rock. The map below shows locations within Oncor territory that are eligible for the 2020 solar rebate:

Oncor service territory map 2020 solar rebate

Solar Programs Available In Oncor Service Territory

Wells Solar offer a number of affordable programs for going solar in Texas. These include:

  • Purchase with cash
  • Low-interest financing for up to 30 years
  • Zero-interest financing for shorter periods
  • Power purchase agreements & leases
  • And a new Tesla Powerwall + Solar Bundle

How much is your Oncor solar rebate worth?!

Find out how much money you could be saving with a Wells Solar power plant on your roof! Fill out the form below to get started with a free consultation.

Check Solar Incentives In Your Area!

Oncor area homeowners are saving big on the cost of solar with utility rebates, local incentives and federal tax credits. Entering your information below will start the process to check what solar incentives you're eligible for.

About Wells Solar

Founded in 2014 in Austin, Wells Solar & Electrical Services is a family-owned establishment committed to installing high-quality solar power solutions that everyone can afford. The company also offers a full suite of solar panel service, maintenance and repair to ensure your solar investment provides the maximum return over its 25-year warranty. Find out why Wells Does Solar Better™ by visiting wellssolar.com.


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