Is My Home A Good Candidate For Solar Panels?

Is My Home Good For Solar?
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Factors To Consider When Installing Solar Panels On Your House

“Is my home a good candidate for solar power?” is a commonly asked question. The answer is generally yes, but depends on a few factors. Understanding the following scenarios will help you determine if you are a good candidate for a residential solar panel installation in Texas.

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Requirements For Home Solar In Texas


The region in which you live plays a factor in the viability of solar power. Ask yourself, “Does my city get a lot of sunshine throughout the year?” Solar panels produce energy through the absorption of sunlight, so in order to power your home with solar, you’ll want the answer to be yes.


Take a look at the map above which shows the average amount of sunlight falling on each state in America. Darker colors indicate higher amounts of sunlight, while lower levels of sun are indicated lighter. Areas in the Southwestern United States appear to receive the most, while areas in the North, Northwest and Northeast receive the least.


13 cities in Texas including Austin, Dallas-Fort-Worth and San Antonio made the list of Sunniest Cities in America using data taken from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

As you can see from the map above, West Texas has the very best solar resource, which is why most of the solar farms in Texas are built in that region, but the entire state of Texas is overall pretty sunny! Climate: Check!


A second factor to consider is the orientation of the roof on your home. Because the sun rises in the east and sets in the west, south-facing is the preferred orientation in order for solar panels to absorb the maximum amount of sunlight throughout the day.

Roofs facing east will produce power during the morning, as the sun is rising, while roofs facing west will produce power later in the day, when the sun is setting. Orientation: Check!

Sunlight or Shading

A final point of consideration is how much direct sunlight your roof receives. By direct sunlight we mean little to no shading throughout the day. Things that could be problematic, interfering with sunlight exposure include tall structures nearby (your neighbor’s three-story house, for example), as well as tree branches & limbs, and vent pipes or chimneys up on your roof. Sunlight: Check!

However, if after reading through the factors above you’re unsure about the solar viability of your roof, keep in mind that solar panels can also be installed via ground-mount. Sunlight: Double check!


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