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Wells Solar

Wells Solar

Make Your Solar Installation Better with Tesla Powerwall and Wells Solar

tesla-Powerwall2-installer-texas-logoWells Solar & Electrical Services is now a Tesla Powerwall Certified Installer, which means we now offer a customized solar-plus-battery solution that enables you to access the free, abundant power of the sun and reduces your reliance on fossil fuels. 

Installing Powerwall with Wells Solar is easy. We take care of everything from system design, permitting, installation, and financing, plus a walkthrough and tutorial of monitoring your home energy system on the Tesla app. 

Powerwall consists of a 13.5 kWh lithium-ion battery pack, liquid thermal control system, an integrated inverter and software that intelligently dispatches electricity when it’s needed most. 

The unit mounts seamlessly on a wall or on the ground, indoors or outdoors, and is connected to the grid to export excess energy, maximizing your opportunity for economic benefit.

Installing Powerwall in Texas can provide a number of benefits:


Increasing self-consumption of solar power generation – Powerwall can store surplus solar energy during daylight hours and use that energy later when the sun is not shining.

Load shifting – Powerwall can charge during low rate periods when demand for electricity is lower and discharge during more expensive rate periods when electricity demand is higher.

Back-up power – Assures power in the event of a grid outage.

Maximizing Environmental Savings With Solar-Plus-Storage

Adding the Tesla battery to a solar panel installation can ensure a home always runs on 100% clean energy for greater environmental benefits. Powerwall may also be programmed to charge an electric car with solar energy.

“Most homes in Texas only use a portion of the energy they produce from solar panels. Instead of sending it back to the grid, combining Tesla Powerwall 2 with a rooftop solar power system allows homeowners to store their clean energy for later use.” – Michael Chance, Wells Solar Marketing Associate

About Wells Solar

Founded in 2014 in Austin, Wells Solar & Electrical Services is a family-owned establishment committed to installing high-quality solar power solutions that everyone can afford. The company also offers a full suite of solar panel service, maintenance and repair to ensure your solar investment provides the maximum return over its 25-year life. Find out why Wells Does Solar Better™ by visiting wellssolar.com.


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