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Were you left without power in February during the winterfreeze? Are you tired of rising energy prices? Would you like to be prepared in case of an outage? Maybe just looking for ways to be independent and save some money? We can help with that.

We’re proud to offer you a quality solar system for qualified homeowners with a Tesla powerwall battery for $80/month along with a $1,000 rebate and a FREE generator (while supplies last).

Our energy consultant team will contact you and explore the best options for your home. Every Wells Solar install is backed by a 25 year warranty. We were voted #1 Turnkey Residential Installer and a top solar contractor by Solar Power World magazine. Learn how you can switch to solar for $0 down and receive a 26% Federal Tax Credit. The time for solar is now.

Harness the sun. Take back your independence. Wells does solar better.


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