Solar PV System in Bell County, Texas

Wells Solar designed & installed this 36 panel solar PV system in Bell County, TX. Mr Ybarra was motivated by financial savings, saying that “after receiving $250 dollar power bills I was in need of a way to lower my energy costs.”

This 10.80 kW system was designed to supply Guillermo and his family with all of their electricity needs from solar power during the day, and at night his home receives energy through the local grid.

Thanks to an innovative $0 down solar finance program by Wells Solar, Guillermo was able to trade the money he was spending on power bills for a solar finance payment and realize net savings each month! At the end of the year what he pays for solar and what he pays in new power bills is 35% lower than his bills last year without solar.

"My friends don’t believe me when I go through the math on my savings, they think it’s too good to be true. But the truth is that solar really does work, and yes you really save money. Between the solar loan and the new power bill from Green Mountain, we save around 35% of our annual electricity costs. Meaning at the end of the year, what we pay for solar and what we pay in new power bills is 35% lower than our old power bills."
Guillermo Ybarra
Bell County TX Homeowner

System Details:

  • 34 High-Efficiency Solar Modules
  • 10.80 kW Total System Size
  • SolarEdge Inverter and DC Optimizers
  • 24/7 System Monitoring, Tracking & Reporting
  • 25 Year Warranty
  • More Than $59,000 Dollars Saved Next 30 Years!

Bell County TX Solar PV System Pictures

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