Solar Power Couples: Taylor and Madison

In honor of Valentine’s day, we decided to introduce you to our Solar Power Couples (pun, totally intended). In this article, you will meet Taylor and Madison. Madison started with Wells just under a year ago and quickly became one of our star energy consultants. She brings light and compassion to each of her meetings and to Wells as a company. Taylor joined about six months after Madison and has become a top seller as well. Read more about how they support, educate and cheer each other on in solar and in life.
  1. How did you start your career in the solar industry?

  • Taylor – I had been in the real estate sector for seven years, I had been liking it and was doing well but saw an opportunity to try something different for a change and decided to take a chance! My girlfriend was pretty successful with it throughout 2018, and I wanted to try my hand at it too.
  • Madison – Taylor found this job for me in early 2018 from a Facebook posting that our Sales Director, Matt, made. He thought it might be something I’d be good at and it has taken off! I’ll be coming up on my 1st anniversary with Wells this February!
  1. Tell us the number one benefit of solar power in your opinion.

  • Taylor – Coming from a real estate background, one of the main advantages of going solar for me is the option to own your energy vs. continuing to rent it. I always show folks what they will pay to the utility company for 20 years, and it’s usually more than double what they pay for power if they go solar over that same time.
  • Madison – Saving money is a great benefit to going solar but saving the environment and reducing our planet’s carbon footprint is hugely important as well!
  1. Tell us what you enjoy doing in your free time.

  • Taylor – When I’m not on the road going to meetings in Killeen, Temple or Belton I like painting and working on my career as an artist, I also want to play golf and go to the bars on Rainey Street where I live!
  • Madison –  I love working out at lifetime fitness and being outside at commons ford park or any hike and bike trail in Austin is refreshing.  Seeing my friends and family of course on the weekends always makes my week a little sunnier!
  1. How do you support each other at work? How do you turn off work and have fun?

  • Taylor – I think Madison and I work great as a team. We’re always bouncing ideas off each other, and we’re good at turning off work when we need to take a break from it! It’s essential to have the right balance to stay sane.
  • Madison – Getting the first start, I’ve had a chance to help Taylor get his bearings when he started this fall. He’s also taught me a few things as well! Being a couple that works together helps us a lot. We usually get out of our offices and do something active outside to turn off the solar talk for a little bit!
  1. Why do you love being a part of the Wells Solar family?

  • Taylor – Wells is such a unique work environment for me, I’ve known Matt and Cade since high school. I also have also a close friend I’ve known since first grade on the sales team. My brother’s girlfriend working in the office alongside my own it feels a lot more like a family than any other workplace I have been in previously!
  • Madison – I love working for Wells! It feels like we’re one big family. Working with an energetic sales and development team that is passionate about solar and making a change in Central Texas is very exciting. I’m pleased to be working with such a supportive and great company.
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