Solar Power Couples: Nick and Ashley

In honor of Valentine’s day, we decided to introduce you to our Solar Power Couples (pun, totally intended). In this article, you will meet Nick and Ashley. Nick is one of Wells’s first energy consultants. Ashley joined the team part way through 2018 in the customer service department and was quickly promoted to manager. They are quite the dynamic duo and extremely valuable members of the Wells family.
  1. How did you start your career in the solar industry?

  • Nick –  I was introduced to Matt, our sales manager, through a friend. I interviewed right away because I’ve always been a big believer in solar power and started with Wells when we only had 3 sales employees!
  • Ashley – I had known the Wells Solar folks for a while and as soon as the opportunity struck, I went for it. I became the only customer service employee and was in charge of building the department from the ground up, the rest is history.
  1. Tell us the number one benefit of solar power in your opinion.

  • Nick – Sustainable energy that gives you independence from the power companies.
  • Ashley – It helps push the way our world is powered in a more renewable, green direction.
  1. Tell us what you enjoy doing in your free time.

  • Nick – Playing in my band, disc golf, I love taking Sunny, our solar dog, to Zilker Park.
  • Ashley – Improving my art skills, working out, cooking, lounging around our new house with our doodle, and of course spending time with Nick.
  1.  How do you support each other at work? How do you turn off work and have fun?

  • Nick –  Ashley helps me see the company from the customer service perspective, she helps me improve my skills after the project has started. She has a gift for helping people and has so much compassion for our customers. We have a lot of fun right now decorating the house we just got! It is a good distraction from the never-ending solarcoaster.
  • Ashley – Nick is a huge reminder that there is more to this company than what I experience on the day-to-day, which is extremely grounding. He’s so willing to go out of his way to help me get caught up or organize my thoughts and provides extra insight which ultimately helps me succeed. We’re a couple of homebodies but every now and then we’ll get out to catch a show, play a round of disc golf, or catch a flight across the world.
  1. Why do you love being a part of the Wells Solar family?

  • Nick – I love the fact that I’ve been given the opportunity to grow with the company. I have so much loyalty for Wells and trust in my co-workers. I have happy customers all over central Texas from Killeen, Austin, San Antonio, Belton.  It really feels like a family as cliche as it sounds. Starting when we were selling out of a small duplex to where we are now has really been a treat to be a part of.
  • Ashley – Quirkiness is definitely a prerequisite for landing a job here and trust me, there’s plenty to go around! The “family feel” of Wells is so ingrained into the DNA of this company and that’s what makes me love my job, that’s what leaves me excited about coming into work every day. I’m very privileged to be a part of this living and growing company.  
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